15 thoughts on “Kara Hayward

  1. Henrik

    So beautiful, wish I could talk to you. I saw the movie Moonrise Kingdom and you seem so cute talking to.

  2. Ryan

    I wish I could really talk too you so I’m writing this just in that slight chance you will actually read these… What I’m trying to say is that you are a great young actress with a bright future ahead of you. This coming from a thirteen year old boy myself. You and Jared did a wonderful job on Moonrise Kingdom. I appreciate and look up to people like you. Thank You for making a wonderful movie!!!

  3. conor

    I saw moonrise kingdom ( I also love all of wes andersons films) but when I watched this movie I could really connect with “suzie” and “sam”! And I wish one day i could meet you are the same age as me and I hope you read these

  4. Jacob Houston

    Great job getting the, ” Best Actress” award. I’m ready to go see, ” The Sisterhood of Night”, when it comes out, have a awesome X mass in Massachusetts! – Mcjacob

  5. Carson

    I think you are great actress and really gorgeous. I wish could talk to you somehow but your famous so that would be impossible. As a 13 yr old boy I could never act on a movie like you do.

  6. Carson

    And coming from Massachusetts it’s insane. Hope you have a successful career. And don’t forget trying to figure out how to get a hold of me;)

  7. Carson

    Ok I know your famous Im like no one but after I watched Moonrise Kingdom I wanted to talk to you. As you saw I already posted three coments but I had the wrong email adress. To me you are super gorgeous. Your eyes are they prettiest I’ve ever seen. I don’t see how you can act in a film that millions of people are going to watch. If there is anyway I could get a hold of you I would do it. Well I can’t talk to you in person because im 13 and I can’t drive so maybe email or facebook possibly. And again you are so pretty and I want to talk to you so badly.

  8. saffat

    You have got a great talent.moonrise kingdom reminds me of my first love.you are very pretty and have a similarity with my first love.than you very much for your wonderful performance

  9. Maddy

    Hi, my name is Maddy. I’m 13 years old. I just recently watched Moonrise Kingdom and i was enchanted. Something about your acting was just…hypnotizing. You are a great inspiration to an aspiring actress as myself, and I hope to meet you one day. I don’t think you will ever read this, but I’m crossing my fingers. You are incredibly talented and have a unique style that is all your own. Also, you are drop dead gorgeous. Well good luck in your acting career, I can’t wait to see your future work!

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